Thursday, August 15, 2013

The first few days in America

So now it's 8 days since I arrived and had my very first glimpse of the country that will be my home for the next year. We traveled all in a group and it was nice to be one among many other excited people, nervous and happy to soon meet our families and finally start our American dream. 

After having traveled for 24 hours my host-family greeted me - although I must add it was no normal greeting. My host-dad, Lee, have the upcoming months to this stay teased me that they would disguise themselves and let me walk around the airport before revealing themselves to me. Never had I actually thought they would go through with it. But nevertheless when I was coming down the staircase I could see the luggage coming out and some people but no sight of my host-family. I caught sight of a guy with big, green sunglasses, a fake mustache and a big piece of paper in his hand but it was first when he started to take it all off I recognized him as Lee. I blame the 40 hours of having barely slept. 

 If you are wondering what my host-mom, Christine, is wearing I can inform you it is a crown as she likes to refer to herself as the "queen". 

After that memorable start to an unforgettable year we all went to their home (sorry, OUR home now) and they showed me around and told me about the rules. 

School doesn't start until September 3rd so Lee has taken me out a few times, I have been to Milford memories with Christine, I have been to their church and tried Tabi's (my host sister) bus route and it has already been quite the experience. (I think it's because of Lee and Christine's humor that keeps me busy laughing all day)
Below here there's a few pictures of my first days here in America and the journey leading up to it:

        Me and my little brother, Lukas

Picking out candy for the long 9 hour plane ride to Chigaco

Me and Lee out eating on my first day

           Me and their cat, Kira

Me and Christine at Milford Memories (she's gonna kill me for posting this picture)

     Me and my lovely host-sister, Tabi!


  1. Awesome pics! Looks so great! :D *squeee*

  2. Hej Emilie!
    Jeg kan se inde på facebook, at vi har samme kontaktperson, og skal til samme område, hvilket er lidt sjovt! Så vi mødes nok helt sikkert derover på et tidspunkt! Lige nu sidder jeg hjemme i Danmark og misunder dig for, at du allerede er kommet derover! Jeg rejser her den 28. Ville bare lige sige det er en rigtig fin blog du har dig, og det er spændende at læse med!
    Vi ses nok!