Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thanksgiving, birthday and more

I hope you've got a few minutes when you're reading this or you might want to wait with reading to a better time. I have quite a few things to tell about the last few weeks. So buckle up, guys - you're in for a wild ride!
First stop: So remember I mentioned earlier about me auditioning for the spring musical? Well, I got the part I wanted! Which isn't really a part at all. I'm in the chorus - but that means I'll be a lot on stage anyway. Good thing is that almost all of the people who were a part of the fall play is a part of the musical, too.

Me and Megan, my crazy senior friend 

My honey boo and I. Katelyn's on yearbook, too 

Go team tech crew!

Second stop: Both me and Anne auditioned for the Forensics Team. I'm guessing almost nobody know what it is - I barely even knew before I auditioned! Basically, it's these competitions where you pick a piece from a book, movie or anything like that. Then you act it out. Depending on the piece, there's different categories. Let's just leave it at that Anne and I are doing a duo. We're probably going to do it with immigrants coming to the US or something like that, because it could be pretty funny since we both have the accents. This Sunday, we were at Barnes and Noble to pick out a piece and everybody introduced themselves. Everybody was so nice and I'm looking forward to the next meeting, which is tomorrow.

Third stop: Thanksgiving weekend! 

When we got home from Black Friday shopping

Key lime pie made by Lee

Just SOME of all the food on Thanksgiving

Tabby and Anne at aunt Lynn's house

A very proud Tabby showing off her first homemade cake ever

When we got home Anne had a package waiting for her. Her mom had sent her a christmas calender - and one for me, too! So now everyday in December we get a little gift 

We had some troubles setting up the christmas tree, but it was darn fun!

Christine made a kitty litter cake for her dad's birthday. Regardless of its looks, it tasted yummy

On the morning of Thanksgiving, Christine asked if we could get all the snow away from the car. So we walked out in PJ's, boots and danced to Christmas music

Fourth stop: My birthday. Boy, was it quite the birthday! I woke up and was expecting it to be just another normal day (although, in all fairness, Christine and Lee had warned I was in for it). Well, it started normal. Except for a special birthday song in creative writing with guitar and everything, it was a perfectly normal school day. But when the time came to lunch.. All of a sudden, I saw Lee come walking in the cafeteria with a giant balloon and small crowns saying "Happy birthday." Before my brain had even registered that I was not daydreaming, he was tying the balloon to my bag and exclaiming, "Happy birthday!" My friends at the table were wearing the biggest smiles on their faces and was half clapping. Still not entirely myself, he started speaking to the tables around me and got them to sing happy birthday for me. I could just die right there. So for the rest of the day, with a balloon hovering above me, several people yelled Happy birthday at me, whereever I went. When me and Anne got home from school, we both started baking. When we were both done Lee walked in with another cake - just in case we didn't have time to make them. So we had a danish, german and danish one. We only just barely got through the german one. In the evening, when Christine got home, we went out to dinner and then to the movies. Needless to say, it was a perfect day!

Last stop: Almost there guys! I'm just gonna show some random pictures and the ride is finally over!

Jake and Sarah on Halloween

The guy who played Voldemort in A Very Potter musical happened to be at the same restaurant as the fall play were one day

Went to the world's biggest christmas store and this guy just made it even more legen - wait for it - dary!

Braiding in yearbook

Me and Sarah at the Catching Fire premiere

My creative writing buddies

We went to a photobooth after we had watched Catching Fire

Anne just chilling with her homies

Snow inside the mall!

Hanging out with Bree - an exchange student from Thailand

Too cool for school

Early bday present from Bree; an awesome wallet with the American flag on it

December 1st

Waiting to be picked up after school

Anne doing my hair before we went bowling

I don't think it's possible for Kira to be even cuter

About to cut the american bday cake

Three bdays in a row - 5th, 6th and 7th!

We celebrated Bree's birthday with bowling

Earlier today, finally reunited with my honey from tech!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Long Time No See

Hey guys! I apologize for the lack of updates (shame on me!). I have been busy helping with the fall play, David and Lisa, which, unfortunately, had its last show on Saturday. Pouty face :( I had so much fun helping as a part of tech crew that I am gonna audition for an actual role for the musical Tarzan tomorrow. And, well, if I don't get a role you can count on me being behind the stage again! Today school was cancelled due to a storm that made the school lose power. Well, I ain't complaining! Right now I'm all curled up on the couch with a blanket draped over me, hugging Kim (a teddybear mom, dad and Lukas gave me the day before I left) and Kira sitting on my lap staring intensely at my laptop. That was just a quick update from the states, I hope you're all doing fantastic!


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Life as an American girl

You ever have that feeling that your life is passing by in a blur and you can hardly keep up with it? Well, I can tell you that that's me these past weeks. So much has happened and I love all the new things I'm experiencing! Except for a few days of being sick many things have happened and I know there's only more to come. Last weekend me and Anne found our homecoming dresses (for $25!) which is in next week. After that we went apple picking and the apples cost even more than our dresses! But to be fair, they did taste good, and this weekend we made a delicious apple pie out of it. We have been to 2 birthday dinners and on Friday we went to the mall with Holly. We didn't have any luck finding make-up or shoes but when we were at Walmart yesterday we at least found the make up. We also went to a cider mill, where we had apple cider (and even though I hate drinking apple juice or anything like that, I have become addicted to the apple cider!) and yummy donuts. Last wednesday I was also supposed to meet up at the auditorium to help with the fall play. And yeah, I said "supposed to" because when I asked these girls where it was, I added that I was an exchange student so they didn't think I was weird or something (hehe). Barely had the words left my mouth before they started attacking me with questions. Now you might think "attacking" is probably a bit of a strong word, but yeah - no. They kept shooting questions and when their friends walked by they would yell that I was an exchange student from Denmark. So instead of making it to the auditorium (they never told me, so I couldn't really go anyway haha) I spent the next few hours speaking with them and their group of friends. I'm really bummed I don't have any classes with them because they were so nice. And as an extra duty on yearbook I'm gonna cover the homecoming game and crowning, which means I get to be totally up close!

Christine and Lee at the cider mill

 The delicious apple cider

 Yesterday it became official that Anne can stay with us the entire year (YAY!) So of course I had to have a picture ;)

 Me and Lee at the cider mill

 Since we already had a picture with Anne - why not one with me too?

 Me and Anne at the cider mill - oh wait, Christine's hiding in the back ;)

 Me, Anne and Christine at the cider mill with nobody hiding in the background

 The giant sizes you can get in USA!

 Me and Anne doing duck face. Adorable, I know

 For yearbook we had a photo scavenger hunt. Since it was right then I was sick I decided to use my own creative way to show a classroom in action

 Me, Anne and Christine at Taco Bell after having found our dresses

 Anne sleeping on the bus on the way home from school

 The cutest thing ever happened during creative writing class on Friday. This kid had brought roses with him and while he was making everything ready, our teacher went to get the girl he was gonna ask out for homecoming. When she entered the room he started to read a poem he had written. And fortunately, she said yes! (It would have been rather awkward if she had said no and I would've felt so bad for him!)

 Me and Holly at the mall. She fell so much in love with the sunglasses that she bought them!

 The sky was looking so pretty when we got home from the mall so me and Anne decided to take some pictures

 Just admit it.. I should totally go professional

 Apple cider + donuts= perfect day!

Finally after many weeks of trying to get a decent picture where both me and Anne were in it, we made it at the cider mill!