Sunday, September 29, 2013

Life as an American girl

You ever have that feeling that your life is passing by in a blur and you can hardly keep up with it? Well, I can tell you that that's me these past weeks. So much has happened and I love all the new things I'm experiencing! Except for a few days of being sick many things have happened and I know there's only more to come. Last weekend me and Anne found our homecoming dresses (for $25!) which is in next week. After that we went apple picking and the apples cost even more than our dresses! But to be fair, they did taste good, and this weekend we made a delicious apple pie out of it. We have been to 2 birthday dinners and on Friday we went to the mall with Holly. We didn't have any luck finding make-up or shoes but when we were at Walmart yesterday we at least found the make up. We also went to a cider mill, where we had apple cider (and even though I hate drinking apple juice or anything like that, I have become addicted to the apple cider!) and yummy donuts. Last wednesday I was also supposed to meet up at the auditorium to help with the fall play. And yeah, I said "supposed to" because when I asked these girls where it was, I added that I was an exchange student so they didn't think I was weird or something (hehe). Barely had the words left my mouth before they started attacking me with questions. Now you might think "attacking" is probably a bit of a strong word, but yeah - no. They kept shooting questions and when their friends walked by they would yell that I was an exchange student from Denmark. So instead of making it to the auditorium (they never told me, so I couldn't really go anyway haha) I spent the next few hours speaking with them and their group of friends. I'm really bummed I don't have any classes with them because they were so nice. And as an extra duty on yearbook I'm gonna cover the homecoming game and crowning, which means I get to be totally up close!

Christine and Lee at the cider mill

 The delicious apple cider

 Yesterday it became official that Anne can stay with us the entire year (YAY!) So of course I had to have a picture ;)

 Me and Lee at the cider mill

 Since we already had a picture with Anne - why not one with me too?

 Me and Anne at the cider mill - oh wait, Christine's hiding in the back ;)

 Me, Anne and Christine at the cider mill with nobody hiding in the background

 The giant sizes you can get in USA!

 Me and Anne doing duck face. Adorable, I know

 For yearbook we had a photo scavenger hunt. Since it was right then I was sick I decided to use my own creative way to show a classroom in action

 Me, Anne and Christine at Taco Bell after having found our dresses

 Anne sleeping on the bus on the way home from school

 The cutest thing ever happened during creative writing class on Friday. This kid had brought roses with him and while he was making everything ready, our teacher went to get the girl he was gonna ask out for homecoming. When she entered the room he started to read a poem he had written. And fortunately, she said yes! (It would have been rather awkward if she had said no and I would've felt so bad for him!)

 Me and Holly at the mall. She fell so much in love with the sunglasses that she bought them!

 The sky was looking so pretty when we got home from the mall so me and Anne decided to take some pictures

 Just admit it.. I should totally go professional

 Apple cider + donuts= perfect day!

Finally after many weeks of trying to get a decent picture where both me and Anne were in it, we made it at the cider mill!

Monday, September 16, 2013

New Sister

I know it's been a while since I last posted but I have been so busy! (or according to Anne just too lazy hehe) Anyway I'm updating now so let's all be happy! About a little over a week ago Anne arrived and we have had so much fun. Poor girl though, she had barely landed when we just threw her right into it. Last saturday (the day she arrived) we were at church to experience an American wedding. Later that night Lee's sister's (Aunt Jill) husband turned 50 so she met Lee's side of the family right way. Needless to say she was exhausted when we at last climbed to bed. Sunday was very chill and we just watched some TV, I did homework and we went to evening church with Lee. Monday I went to school as the other days, while Anne got to sleep a little longer until Karen, our area rep, picked her up to register her at the school. That evening we made dinner together (delicious pizza) and we were laughing so much by the end of the night it was hard to stop. (on a side note.. If you ask Lee or Christine I bet they would complain about all the giggling and laughing ever since). The next day in school was normal - except for the fact that I rode with Anne on the bus (and Holly) and that now Anne was in both my Creative Writing and US History class. During the week we have gone to buy school supplies for Anne, had dinner with Lee's mom and on Thursday Karen and her husband, Ted, picked us up to stay until Saturday because Lee and Christine were away at a couple's retreat. On Friday night they took us out to eat at a pizza restaurant and we talked for many hours. When it came to Saturday we got up at 8 am (too early on a Saturday) because we had an YFU orientation. It was real nice and you got to talk with a lot of other exchange students. On Sunday we were really supposed to go picking apples with Christine but it started raining so we went to the movies instead and had dinner at Big Boy. Me and Anne ended the week by watching an episode of Supernatural.

Because I'm on yearbook we get assigned cameras - and not the cheap ones. I have camera partner who already owns a camera so she's probably not going to need it so much. That means that I can take as many pictures as I want (our teacher said we were allowed to use it for personal use - as long as you bring it in again the next day). So this weekend I brought it home so I could practice taking nice pictures for the yearbook. So I have a whole gallery to show you guys.

 The first picture is after the movie at the restaurant and the second is us today on the school bus.

 Cutest eyes ever !!

Me and Christine with her crown a few minutes before we meet Anne for the very first time. Like they did with me they greeted Anne in a very unusual way. She was lucky though because Lee had just gone to the bathroom to put on his disguise when Anne came down the stairs and saw me as the first person. If she had seen Lee with his mustache or Christine with her crown I bet she would've run away as fast as her feet could carry her. 

 On Sunday we had dinner after church.

 The first picture features Anne last Monday after a tiring day of registering. The second is of me and Anne on her first day after the wedding. 

Meet Kira the cat who forgot to take her meds. Or maybe she just caught sight of me. 
Me and Anne's first pie experience in America at Karen and Ted's house.

 My first picture as a professional photographer (or whatever hehe). Me taking a picture of me taking a picture while we're driving.

Lee and Anne in the car waiting for our food.

 Her Royal Highness

 "What did you do this time, Emilie!?"
 "Me? Nothing!"

 Anne being her very nice self. Me and Sayuri, another exchange student, at the orientation.

The cake I baked for Anne when she got here. 

So that's it for now. Tomorrow we'll celebrate Christine's mom's birthday and Thursday we will go homecoming dress shopping. Wish us luck!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

First days of school

It's Thursday and two days ago I started school. I am currently sitting at some treatment with Christine (we have the day off because of some Jewish holiday). Basically she sleeps for like 8 hours because of the treatment and I get to watch her sleep Edward Cullen creeper style. yay me! But it means I get free Starbucks, I can read (when I've done my homework first of course;)) and now tell you guys about my first two days in school.  

On Tuesday I got woken up by Lee because as stupid as I am I had set my alarm clock for PM and not AM. I got up (way too early for my liking) and out the door to my bus stop. As I started walking my nerves were starting to really kick in, but once I got to my stop I met this girl, Holli, and asked if this was the stop (totally genius ice breaker, I know). After that we started a conversation and sat on the bus together. In fact, we have been sitting together both to and from the school both days and it's been really, really nice.  

When we got to the school I said goodbye to Holli and went to my homeroom. Don't really know what we were doing there except getting our schedules. After that there was an assembly and the band was doing some show as people filled in the gym. After that it was time for classes but I had to get to my locker first to get my books. And even though one of the experiences I have been looking forward to in high school is the locker I must ashamedly admit I have no freaking clue how to use it. I got it opened after having asked a teacher and hurried to my first class. The classes were all just introduction and we didn't really do anything that day. The people in my classes were nice though and I just know this is going to be the best year ever! When it was time for lunch I decided to use some of my time to figure out the locker and after 10 minutes my mission was accomplished (for that day only..). The only disadvantage was that now the whole cafeteria was filled along with all the tables. I quickly found a table though where there were only two girls sitting so I asked if I could sit with them. One of them was even in my creative writing class. 

The highlight of my day was my last class, Yearbook. It is all girls and it is a somewhat different class since we all have to work together and it requires that we have to show up at after school events sometimes (even though I had already planned on that - gotta have everything out of my year!) Everybody was kinda relaxed (although tired) and our teacher is really down to earth. 

On my second day it didn't start off as the best because of Algebra 2 (we had to do something I had no clue about what was). But it got really fantastic real quick. Of course as stupid as I am (yeah I'm repeating myself) I had done my English homework for Wednesday but forgot it at home. My teacher were really nice and understanding though and just told me to bring it in on Friday. When it was time for lunch a girl from my English class, Sarah, invited me to sit with her friends. They were really nice and just started joking around like I had been a part of their group since forever. Sarah was really nice and introduced me to her other friends. (she's a fan of Supernatural, Will!) 
The day went on and it was even better than the first one. 

When I got home Lee and I skyped with Anne Marie (the girl from Germany) and her family. I have a really good feeling about this! That has just made me even more excited and I can't wait for her to come on Saturday! 
I'm sorry the blog post got so long but I had so much to share!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Final days of freedom

Tomorrow I finally start school and my american adventure will begin for real! But before that I have enjoyed my last few days of being able to stay up late, wake up late and use the time however I've wished to. In the time between this post and my last post my host family has signed up as a welcome family since YFU still has some students who hasn't got a host family yet. As a welcome family the student will stay here until they find her another family (she can't wait in her own country since she would miss school). So on friday a girl from Germany will be living with us and I can't wait! Lat friday Lee and I went to an IMAX theater which has the biggest movie screen I have ever seen! We watched Elysium starring Matt Damon and if you like science fiction movies I would totally recommend it!

Luckily it's so far away, you couldn't see my tears right after the movie! 

Lee took it more as the man he is and just had a great time 

Saturday Lee took me to Staples so I could buy my school supplies. I also bought some things for my new laptop (that has touchscreen!) It is my new baby hehe.

I named it Mara from a book I love

I spent pretty much all sunday playing with Mara and trying herout. I made this collage as my lock screen:

It has a mix of pictures from back home in Denmark and my new home in America.

Today I've spent the day with Christine at the Michigan State Fair. I bought a bracelet saying "reality has limits, imagination is boundless" and I'm never taking that thing off again! They had pig races and all sorts of contests although unfortunately we didn't see any of it. We did see a lot of animals though and met some clowns too!

 Mama sheep with her baby sheep!

Christine taking a picture of some goats 

The goat let her pet him! 

Me hiding in a cow... or something 

Christine said I fit right in with the clowns - she's just jealous because we're so awesome!

Isn't she cute!?  (Chris and Steph ;))

Baby chickens.. aaaw!

The bracelet!

Now it's time for me to go so I can get ready for school tomorrow. Wish me luck!