Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Hi guys! 
Last time I updated this blog I had two host twins living with me, but now there is only me and my host parents (they're warning me I should be scared.. And after having lived with them for three weeks now I must say I'll take their advice). Thursday Raymond and Tabitha had a goodbye dinner at Tabitha's favorite restaurant - where she works when she's not at college too - Carino's, which is an Italian restaurant with delicious food (hope you're happy now, Tabbi!). I got to meet the rest of my host family (I have met everybody on Christine's side of the family). Lee's mom, sisters and nephew were all really nice and open and I had a great time with them.

Raymond, me and Tabbi at Carino's

When we went home we had to stop by the library so I could borrow some books. I couldn't go on a 5 day long road trip without any books, now could I? Anyway, both the twins were busy because they had decided to pack on the very last day before we left. Real smart, guys. So I was mostly just watching them run back and forth and now and then I would read a little too since I couldn't go to bed (me and Tabbi share her room and she was using my bed to pack... yay)

 Amidst all the packing Ray found his old banana costume for Halloween. Haha!

Friday morning we were finally on the road and on the way to Indiana (Tabbi's college). Ray took a plane down to his college the next day and did not drive with us. Once we had her settled we stayed until Monday morning and left for Louisville (Raymond's college)

Me and Tabbi in the car

Christine was too busy playing Fruit Ninja she didn't have time for a picture at Chipolte's, which is where we had lunch

We visited a free zoo (free!) in Chicago, where I got to meet one of Christine's best friends (it's Lee on the picture though)

This is the church at Tabbi's college. We spent the day (literally the whole day) trying her bus route at the college. That was some experience!

We were all very tired at the end of the day.

We then said our goodbyes to Tabbi (she's coming home in 8 weeks for Thanksgiving though) and went to the motel where we stayed the night and then drove to Ray's college.

His college were a lot smaller than Tabbi's with only 40 students. 

We had dinner at his college even though he didn't even sit with us and he went to play baseball afterwards. Christine wanted a proper goodbye so we had to wait for them finish. Soon though Lee had joined the game and as the seconds ticked me and Christine grew more and more impatient. They apparently planned to play until they the sun was down. 

At least the sky was beautiful. Plus, hey we got a free meal out of it too!

Christine was ready to just lie down and watch tv after such a long day.

Tuesday morning (yesterday) we left Louisville with Raymond in it and started the long way home. We had to stop in Dayton though because at the last minute Lee had to take care of some stuff with his work. So he rented a car and me and Christine was once on the road again. This time with loud music though that we sang along with.

One hour away from home.

And at last we made it home, where Kira their cat had missed us.

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