Thursday, September 5, 2013

First days of school

It's Thursday and two days ago I started school. I am currently sitting at some treatment with Christine (we have the day off because of some Jewish holiday). Basically she sleeps for like 8 hours because of the treatment and I get to watch her sleep Edward Cullen creeper style. yay me! But it means I get free Starbucks, I can read (when I've done my homework first of course;)) and now tell you guys about my first two days in school.  

On Tuesday I got woken up by Lee because as stupid as I am I had set my alarm clock for PM and not AM. I got up (way too early for my liking) and out the door to my bus stop. As I started walking my nerves were starting to really kick in, but once I got to my stop I met this girl, Holli, and asked if this was the stop (totally genius ice breaker, I know). After that we started a conversation and sat on the bus together. In fact, we have been sitting together both to and from the school both days and it's been really, really nice.  

When we got to the school I said goodbye to Holli and went to my homeroom. Don't really know what we were doing there except getting our schedules. After that there was an assembly and the band was doing some show as people filled in the gym. After that it was time for classes but I had to get to my locker first to get my books. And even though one of the experiences I have been looking forward to in high school is the locker I must ashamedly admit I have no freaking clue how to use it. I got it opened after having asked a teacher and hurried to my first class. The classes were all just introduction and we didn't really do anything that day. The people in my classes were nice though and I just know this is going to be the best year ever! When it was time for lunch I decided to use some of my time to figure out the locker and after 10 minutes my mission was accomplished (for that day only..). The only disadvantage was that now the whole cafeteria was filled along with all the tables. I quickly found a table though where there were only two girls sitting so I asked if I could sit with them. One of them was even in my creative writing class. 

The highlight of my day was my last class, Yearbook. It is all girls and it is a somewhat different class since we all have to work together and it requires that we have to show up at after school events sometimes (even though I had already planned on that - gotta have everything out of my year!) Everybody was kinda relaxed (although tired) and our teacher is really down to earth. 

On my second day it didn't start off as the best because of Algebra 2 (we had to do something I had no clue about what was). But it got really fantastic real quick. Of course as stupid as I am (yeah I'm repeating myself) I had done my English homework for Wednesday but forgot it at home. My teacher were really nice and understanding though and just told me to bring it in on Friday. When it was time for lunch a girl from my English class, Sarah, invited me to sit with her friends. They were really nice and just started joking around like I had been a part of their group since forever. Sarah was really nice and introduced me to her other friends. (she's a fan of Supernatural, Will!) 
The day went on and it was even better than the first one. 

When I got home Lee and I skyped with Anne Marie (the girl from Germany) and her family. I have a really good feeling about this! That has just made me even more excited and I can't wait for her to come on Saturday! 
I'm sorry the blog post got so long but I had so much to share!

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  1. Hi Emilie,
    I am waiting for new posts from both of you. What happenend the next two weeks? Can you manage your locker now? What's about playing oboe instead of doing any sports? Anne Marie is keeping you loughing like us, except now I know. Have a great time in the States!
    Yours Susanne